Marie Solomon


Marie Solomon grew up here in Summerville, SC, the typical horse crazy kid, she could be found either at the barn or reading books about horses. She knew that she wanted to work hands on with horses, and in 2004 she left for Clemson University to major in Equestrian Business, join the Equestrian Team, and pursue her passion for horses. Her time at Clemson and working locally as a caretaker, barn manger, trainer, and assistant instructor, shaped her and led to pursue Natural Horsemanship. She dedicated the next 10+ years to really understanding how horses think, feel, move, and play. In early 2018 she joined the Legacy Farms team to bring her passion for helping horses and riders find a way to work in harmony and understanding, with partnership and respect for each other at the core.

She is a wife of 12 years, and the mother of a horse crazy little boy, and the proud owner of 2 horses and 3 dogs. She can often be found around the barn with her horses, and enjoys trail riding, Hunter paces, learning dressage, and being a lifetime learner about horses, and the things they teach us.

When not around the barn, or taking care of her family, she enjoys reading books by masters such as Tom Dorrance, Pat Parelli, Walter Zettle, Mark Rashid, and Karen Rolfe whom have laid the foundation for horsemanship founded on the innate nature of the horse and with partnership as a fundamental priority.

Her goal is to make the world a better place for horses and help break down the communication barrier so that horse and their riders can come together and form deep connections, unity in riding, and great experiences, in a safe, fun, and non-judgmental environment that fosters growth in their personal journey of horsemanship.

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