Meet Our Horse Family

Legacy Farms horses are more than just part of a business, they have been and always will be part of our family. They are full of unique personalities that give riders of all levels a realistic look into what horse ownership, horsemanship, and horseback riding is. Sometimes they are ready at the gate and sometimes they would rather stay in their paddocks and munch on the sweet blades of grass. Once a part of the Legacy family, our horses will stay with us till the end, knowing unconditional love and receiving daily pampering from us all. Meet our horse family:

Lightening Bolt “LT” – Arabian: Age 21

Lightening Bolt, known more-so as LT, has been a part of Legacy Farms lesson program for many years. Through her lazy but stubborn demeanor, she has taught her riders the importance of communicating in a quiet, but firm way. This has allowed children to learn not to be passengers on a horse but how to become a leader as a rider. Over the years LT’s body has began to tire and she is no longer part of the riding portion of our program. However, her mind is sharp and she still teaches children the importance of asking and listening to your horse through ground-work and grooming. She continues to show people that horses are not machines but animals with emotions quite similar to our own.



Khelypso Bey “Khal” – Arabian: Age

Khelypso Bey, also known as Khal, will always meet you at the gate first. He loves attention and scratches from everyone that comes to see him. He enjoys spending time with his pasture buddy, Attitude, and kicking up his heels when a burst of energy hits. He is a beautiful mover with a ready to work mindset. As Khal thoroughly enjoys his time in the arena, he is more suited for experienced riders in our riding program. His high alertness teaches students to remain calm in the saddle and to listen to their horse on a deeper level than meets the eye. FB_IMG_1457313092065


Royal Attitude “Attitude” – Arabian: Age 20

Royal Attitude’s mother is our own dear Royal Basquette, foaled to Ms. Renee in 1999 and half sibling to our beloved school master, Baby. Known at the barn as Attitude, he surely grew into his name with a talkative personality and a mouthy disposition. Not to be overlooked by his behavior, Attitude is a key member of our riding program. He is a great confidence booster for children and adults alike as he is patient and forgiving as riders find their balance in their seat.FB_IMG_1457313112828


“Windy” – Pony of the Americas: Age 17

Originally a surrender case with her baby, Windy was adopted by Ms. Renee from L.E.A.R.N. Horse Rescue in 20–. Windy’s motherly instincts makes her an important part of our riding program.  Windy has found a job she loves here at Legacy caring for every precious cargo that she carries. She knows the importance of each rider and is gentle in teaching them the fundamentals of riding safely and balanced.IMG_2776


All About Me “Buddy” – American Shetland: Age 9

All About Me is a farm favorite here at Legacy. Known as Buddy, he is full of personality and spunk that every person around him soaks up. Buddy was adopted by Ms. Renee in 20– from L.E.A.R.N Horse Rescue. You would never suspect that this sweet, beautiful boy was a 1 (extremely poor condition) on the Henneke Scale (horse body condition scaling system). After L.E.A.R.N’s dedication to get him back to health, Buddy has found his role in teaching riders here at Legacy the importance of caring for your horse and how to communicate in a kind, gentle way.IMG_2694


Bittersweet Symphony “Nestlé” – American Shetland: Age 18

Our show pony, Nestlé, was bought for the Legacy Farms riding program in 20– by Ms. Renee. She has taught many riders the definition of patience. Nestlé enjoys to stand in the center of the arena as she has learned in the past that this is where the judge gives out the ribbons and the ride ends. Though this can be a bit tough on riders, this behavior teaches children to step out of their comfort zone. Riders are taught they must ask first, but Nestlé’s non compliant demeanor helps them learn how to give a more direct order to pursue their goals in a firm but respectful way. This builds them independently to become strong leaders of themselves and their horse and rider team.7


Cinnamon Raisin Toast “Raisin” – Miniature Pony: Age 10

Cinnamon Raisin Toast was adopted by Ms. Renee in 20– by L.E.A.R.N Horse Rescue. A surrender case as his owner passed from an incurable disease, Raisin has become the unicorn of the farm. Summer campers love to paint him up in the prettiest colors and turn his forelock into a horn. Although we no longer use him as a riding pony in our riding program he is still an influential part of lessons. Raisin is the perfect kid size to learn how to catch and lead equine’s in a safe way. He builds children’s esteem as he willingly allows them to lead him around the farm.IMG_20160618_123026386



“Pringles” – Miniature Pony: Age

Our adorable Pringles was adopted from L.E.A.R.N Horse Rescue with Cinnamon Raisin Toast. Pringles may be small but his personality is big! It’s quite comical to watch him and Raisin play together in their paddock or run around the indoor arena. Their small bodies bouncing and running and jumping around in pure bliss. Although Pringles isn’t ridden for the riding program, he enjoys himself as he stands quietly for small children to learn how to groom horses properly. Pringles is always ready to show four and five year old children their first steps in becoming equine leaders.IMG_20170829_152901732


“Jackson” – American Paint: Age 16

Jackson spent six years as a pasture ornament, before being surrendered to L.E.A.R.N Horse Rescue. He was adopted by Ms. Renee into our lesson program in 20–. Overweight and out of shape, Jackson needed a job to maintain a happy and healthy equine life. He has been a fast learner and has found enjoyment in the riding program. Still learning himself, he starts off his lessons a bit excited and thinking that fast is the way to get things done. Our goal for him and our students is to teach that slow and steady can get the job done in a more enjoyable and safe way. With this approach, riders learn how to be firm in leadership skills while establishing a horse and rider team that is constant and stable. On the other hand, Jackson’s ground manners are impeccable. Children love to groom and love on him as he stands quietly as they pamper him.IMG_20170223_170504902_HDR


“Apache” – Spotted Saddlehorse: Age 23

Apache was adopted by Ms. Renee from L.E.A.R.N Horse Rescue in the summer of 2017. Originally a foster horse for the summer, Apache quickly grew on our hearts and became a great addition to our Legacy Farm horse family. As he is on the older side, we watched carefully to see how he took to our riding program. He absolutely loves it! He relishes in being smothered with love from all the kids and is always ready to meet his rider at his paddock gate. As a gaited horse, he teaches riders that not all horses are the same. His gaited rhythm gives riders a chance to feel how to be part of the horse as they settle into his smooth-to-ride movements.IMG_20170609_081433288_HDR


“Ginger” – Arabian: Age 8

Adopted from H.O.P.E Horse Rescue by Ms. Renee in October of 2017, Ginger has found her forever home at Legacy Farms. She has quickly grown on our hearts as one of our own and we look forward to watching her grow into the great equine teacher she will become for all levels of riders. Ginger has shown eagerness and willingness to learn our lesson program and although currently Ginger is more suited for beginner intermediates under saddle, she enjoys the attention from all levels of riders that groom and love on her. Together with her riders, Ginger is learning trust and teamwork to build a strong relationship based on security and communication.IMG_20180202_095858137


“Monkey” – Miniature Pony: Age

Monkey is new to our lesson program as he was inherited by Ms. Renee in 2018. Monkey is learning the program slowly, but is enjoying the attention and love he is receiving. He stands quietly as he is groomed and genuinely enjoys it. He is great for lesson pony rides currently for our small riders as they learn along with him how to stop, go and navigate left and right. Welcome Monkey, to the Legacy Farms family!IMG_20180413_104143129




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