Forever in our Hearts

Fireball was such a gentlemen to everyone that came in contact with him. He would allow children to come up to him in the pasture and he would lower his head so that ‘littles’ could reach him to put on his halter. At 15’3 they needed help and I think he knew that. He took care of his precious cargo and was sensitive to know what they needed. He has built confidence in so many young riders and has helped them become stronger. He stood for campers smothering him in love with finger paints, and even tolerated those baths afterwards. Even with a broken shoulder when he was younger he fought through and succeeded in winning shows and the hearts of anyone around him. Rest in Peace dear Fireball, you are forever in our hearts.



There are not enough words to describe Baby. She was truly a one of a kind, touching the hearts of hundreds of people who knew her. Baby gave so many children the confidence to not only become better horseback riders, but she also gave some the willingness to try new things outside of riding. Parents told stories of how their children became brave enough to ride a bike for the first time, or have become more independent for themselves. She sure did love to eat though, and those that got to see her first hand really were surprised that this sweet animal could become quite the ‘mare’ come supper time! Baby did love a good scratch too! She would make the funniest faces when scratching her underbelly or her chest. She would almost fall over as you brushed her inner back leg as she enjoyed it so much. We love you, Baby, and will remain forever in our hearts.



Royal Basquette “Flag” – Arabian: July 4, 19(78?)- June 26, 2019

Even as the oldest resident of Legacy Farms, Flag would kick up her heels as if she was a young filly when the time felt right. Flag loved her friends and would call out to them from her stall window in happiness as they approached to join her for the day. Her age never held her back as she kept up with her pasture mates, but she thoroughly enjoyed the peacefulness of the day while she sunbathed in the far fields. Summer camp was her favorite time to be doted on by all the students; horse painting (the perks of being a Grey), baths, grooming, and the endless braiding. Her favorite was belly scratches! She would nicker and twitch to make sure we got just the right spots. She will forever be loved and missed by everyone who knew her. Rest in peace dear Flag, you are in our hearts always.






















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