Riding Program


The riding program is open to individuals over four. There will be an initial evaluation to determine readiness. Lessons are available at a variety of times Monday-Saturday through independent Instructors.


The mission and goal of the independent Instructors is to teach students confidence, coordination and balance while riding a horse. They strive to teach all aspects of horsemanship to include not just riding; but care, saddling, and grooming.


The farm provides most riding equipment including helmets, saddles, and horse tack. The rider is asked to wear long pants and a boot with a half-inch heel.

Private lessons: All lessons are private until the student is ready and able to handle the horse in a group setting. Student is accompanied by the Instructor to bring their horse to the barn, groom, and tack as part of each lesson.

LT and Brynlee

Semi Private: Once the student has reached the level where they are comfortable with the basics of riding and handling their horse they may choose to do semi-private lessons. Usually riders will have one other person in the class with them.


Group Lessons: While in group lessons, students will ride in groups of  no more then three. The student learns how to handle their horse around other riders through games on horseback, pattern riding, and trail riding.



General Information:

Lessons are $45 dollars with a 1/2 hour of instructional riding time. 

Adult lessons are available.

*While visitors are welcome and tours are available, Legacy Farms is a private facility. We ask that you call and set up an appointment before coming to the farm.
**Due to our busy day with students and horses we are unable to offer trail riding to the public or facilitate birthday parties.


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